Send Us Your Files

Option 1
For files LESS than 10 MB:
You can send us your file by email. This works great for files that are 10MB or less in size, and is very easy to do. E-mail us with your attached file to:

Michael Coelho                         Tess Rigby-Diaz 

Don’t forget to give us your Name, a Phone Number and Instructions for Printing. If your have more than one file and the total MB is more than 10MB, please send each file in a separate e-mail. Also, don’t forget to send the file as an attachment so it will not be compressed! If you are sending a file from your phone that you have taken with your phone, send it at “original size” or the highest quality for best results. To save lots of time, email your files before you get here!

Option 2

For files of ANY Size, programs like DropBox, WeTransfer, and Hightail allow you to upload a file to them and email a link to us for download. Send your link to:

Michael Coelho                               Tess Rigby-Diaz      

You can also upload your file(s) directly to us using our Hightail Account. Individual files only, no folders.

Enter In the Message Box:




Option 3

Bring in your files! This is certainly the best option, if convenient, as we can go over cropping, color balancing, sharpening, etc. with your instant feedback. Also, you will be viewing your files on a calibrated monitor which matches our output very closely.